The Oil and Gas market has never been cookie-cutter or easily satisfied with multiple solutions working separately. We bring containment systems, geomembrane liners, HD pipe, pit liners and pit covers into the market with a unique angle. Working with a provider of satellite-based technologies allows for total containment and environmental management that is put back into your hands. The combination of this technology and our manufacturing expertise gives you the ease of having one vendor and the peace of mind generated by our hard earned exemplary reputation within the industry.

Premium sourced products for absolute accountability affords the ability to confidently stabilize, contain, and preserve the environment. Pit liners, covers and geomembrane liners create a containment system that is reliable and trusted.


As a complement to environmental containment systems, HD Pipe is a safer, more reliable way to transfer water. With miles of pipe installed KO is providing a way that is easier to monitor, more fiscally responsible to maintain, more reliable, and more industry-fluid.


Containment and transfer are brought together with a technology that creates a better way to cultivate confidence in what is being used and how much is being transferred. The satellite solution garners trust that you can monitor even in the most remote locations.